About Us

Piezolution is a joint venture company, which strengthens our front-end business development in Europe with innovator-spirited engineering support and cost-effective production in Asia. This fusion is an ideal way for customers to benefit from two decades of expertise and optimizes OEM-applications in precision optics, life sciences, medical design, bio-technology, sub-micron positioning, microfluidic dispensers, code readers and more.  

We work out with customers reliable and cost-effective motion solutions for precise positioning in miniaturized environment, using our patented piezoelectric ultrasonic motors, a unique kind of piezo actuators, intrinsically with no electro-magnetic interference.  

Our state-of-the-art production equipment ensures high quality and flexibility. We can produce prototypes and small production runs of custom-engineered types in short time.

We like to make the motorized solution simpler and ingenious!
We like to move it!

Piezolution headquarters in Karlsruhe, Germany
Your contact persons (left to right):

Guenter Kern – Chief Developer
Michael Schaefer – Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Chunmei Mueller – Head of Sales
Oliver Krainhoefner – Marketing & IT

Career Opportunities

Join us. We see opportunities and we believe that bright minds thrive when given the freedom and space to think and create. We work engaged, aligned, and with enthusiasm for continuous improvement, passion for fact-based solutions and inspiration in multi-cultural team.

Tradeshows & Upcoming Events

Visit us in Stuttgart at booth 10F41.
We will exhibit at VISION2022 with Partners.
We appreciate the long-awaited opportunity to meet you in person!

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