Controller Board PZM-PMC1804

Operating Voltage SV [±10%]
Electrical power 1.SW
Power consumption 0.3A
Com muni cation USB ( Serial over USB ) / RS-232
Baud rate 115200 bps
Transmission code ASCII
Data length 8 bit
Stop bit length 1 bit
Parity check Nil
User software PZM Controller PC Manager
Ambient operating temperature 0 to +50°C
Storage temperature -20°( to + 70°(
Operating humidity 0 to 80%
Dimensions 25 mm x 61 mm x 8 mm
Weight 8g

Industry’s smallest piezo linear drive controller solution. PZM-PMC1804 Controller is offered in single axis configurations. It performs
digital position and velocity control for one axis, using incremental encoder devices
as the main position feedback.

  • PID Control and IIR filter Algorithm
  • USB (Serial over USB) or RS-232 interface
  • DI/D0/AI System
  • Data Recording
  • Single Axis configuration