Focus Module PZM-M16-06

Suitable for lens type M12 x 0,5mm
Lens weight <5g
Travel range Up to 6mm
Housing dimension 26x26x25mm
Speed > 10mm/s
Resolution 0.1 μm
Repeatability ±3 μm
Input Voltage 5V
Input Power < 2W
Temperature/ RH 0-50°C
Mean Time before Failure > 6,3 Mio. Cycles (no load, 2sec/cycle)
Digital interface UART

Our piezo-driven focus module for M12 lenses – controlled by a single PCB – is compact, precise, quick-responsive and simple to integrate.

Choose from a wide selection of M12 (S-Mount) lenses. Socket exchangable to fit to variable camera boards. Power supply and data communication(UART or I²C) over 5-pin flat cable, alternatively over USB. The 6mm stroke in Z-axis enables a wide scope of focus ranges. Customizing available on demand.